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34 Pine Capital is a private investment partnership founded in 2014 and based in Houston, Texas. We invest in businesses that are easy to understand, have a clear focus, generate high returns on capital, and have an excellent and properly incented management team in place.
Patient capital:  Our partners enable us to run an evergreen fund with long-term and flexible interests in public and private securities. This allows us to pursue sensible, sustainable growth. 
Conscious capital:  We believe there is a strong link between business and society. Companies can and should create a positive impact on all stakeholders. Doing the right thing and having a long-term outlook are fundamental to increasing a company's earning power and staying power.
Capital, advisory, and connections:  The best way to grow a business sustainably is to put resources behind capable operators. We help by providing long-term capital, strategic advice, and access to our network. 



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